Thursday, 19 March 2009

Longevity, brings me back to the center.

So I'm working on two fronts. Trying to stay on my project, here, get funding for it, etc. because it's going to change the world. But we're in Limbo right now...and I question whether I have what it takes to go out and work as an outside consultant while we play the waiting game. I'm really tired, see, and need a break from this endless churn of working a few months, then hunting, etc.

On the other front, I've built up the recording studio and found musicians, and am very eager about making somthing happen there. Those are my goals. Acoustic groove. I can't get these rythms out of my head.

So I was feeling pretty hopeless until I read about two guys I could always count on to break up - and then reunite.

Longevity, constancy, always brings me back to where I need to go. I reach into that real center to find myself again.

I wonder how a trip to New Zealand sounds?